Past Accomplishments

a proven, principled, forward thinking leader

Noah Hobbs for County Commissioner upholds many core values, one of them being the fight for justice where it is needed. We need to live in a society where people do not merely support progressive change, but fight for it.  Noah has been that leader time and time again

Noah touched over 25 pieces of local legislation over four years on the Duluth City Council

  • Led efforts to open overnight warming centers for folks experiencing homelessness and free busing for folks going to and from the warming centers.  And now seeing statewide efforts to provide similar services

  • Ensured authorities updated their sexual harassment policies

  • Passed Earned Sick and Safe Time

  • Created a literacy challenge for youth K-5 in partnership with the Duluth Public Library

  • Brought Uber and Lyft to Duluth

  • Banned Conversion Therapy

  • Pushed for the Mayors Housing Task Force

  • Created the Red Tape Reduction Task Force

  • Advocated for doubling training dollars for police officers and firefighters.

  • Addressed climate change by purchasing a "plot" in a solar garden for the city's energy consumption

  • Supported the DTA using electric buses

  • Supported efforts to convert the steam plant over coal to more renewable energy sources

  • Sent out a reminder in utility bills that you can use that bill to same-day register for voting

  • Increased transparency by requesting agenda sessions be recorded and placed online for public consumption

  • Saved the Lake Superior Zoo by adopting a sustainable footprint

  • Led efforts to identify and removing blight in neighborhoods

  • Opened up the market for taxi and TNC's to use any ASE Certified mechanic

  • Waived fees for Habitat for Humanity to build a home in Lincoln Park

  • Partnered with Local 512 to have private kayak/canoe storage along the St. Louis River and Lake Superior

  • Supported a Regional Inclusive Playground for Everybody

  • Ensured adequate regulations are in place for Vacation Dwelling Units

As a Neighbor and Community Member 

  • Worked to get a the Parks Levy passed to have stable funding to our parks 

  • Worked to get the Street Levy passed to ensure our roads are being repaired 

  • Worked locally to defeat the Voter ID 

  • Worked locally to ensure marriage equality

  • Chaired and revived the Merritt Park Community Club

  • Helped merge Neighborhood Housing Services of Duluth with Northern Communities Land Trust to form One Roof Community Housing

  • Served on my churches call committee and leadership council

Chaired and formed the River Corridor Coalition to assist in the development of neighborhood plans in West Duluth to invest $50 million into our neighborhoods.  Many of these accomplishments are-

  • Extending the Western Waterfront Trail and making it more accessible 

  • Saving the Lake Superior Mississippi Railroad 

  • Revitalizing Chambers Grove

  • Creating a paddle park 

  • Making investments into Gary New Duluth's Rec Center

  • Revitalization of Grassy Point 

  • Created Casket Quarry park 

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