What Does a County Commissioner Do?

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I get a lot of questions on what is the role of a county commissioner.  The county does a lot please the list below for the job responsibilities-

*Provide for law enforcement and correctional services in the county.

*Plan and provide for parks, playgrounds, and other recreational facilities.

*Build and maintain storm-water collection systems and drainage ditches.

*Develop and enforce building codes.

*Store, purify and distribute water.

*Provide for the protection of the general health and welfare of county residents.

*Oversee elections

*Promote economic and industrial development.

*Administer and provide human services and income maintenance programs.

*Undertake comprehensive planning, zoning and development controls.

*Provide emergency management and pandemic responses

The county does a lot from what you can see! And I am ready to serve so that we can have the best St. Louis County possible.

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