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Innovative. Boring. Caffeinated

A dear friend and mentor of mine, Steve O’Neil reinforced values in me that I have carried out every day in my public service, compassion, justice, and collaboration.  He also illustrated to me years ago the importance of having good, pragmatic and effective commissioners.

This campaign for me is simple; creating the best St. Louis County possible and one that works for all its residents. This means creating affordable living situations for everyone.  Improving our foster care system by increasing the number of foster parents while decreasing the need of out of home placements.  Growing the number of good jobs available, working to provide better services to folks suffering from mental health and addiction issues.

As a Duluth City Councilor, I led efforts to open the overnight warming center for folks experiencing homelessness.  This has led to more partners stepping up such as Gloria Dai, and Governor Walz raising $4.5 million to keep these centers open longer and more days.  As a councilor the City of Duluth partnered with St. Louis County to have a social worker embedded within our Duluth Police Department to better serve those struggling with mental health and addiction. 

Addressing housing issues isn’t something I have recently become passionate about due to it being a headline-grabbing issue.  I’ve dedicated my entire working life to addressing housing issues; whether at one of the largest Community Action Agencies in the Minnesota AEOA or at One Roof Housing; or as a college student interning with CHUM organizing tenants unions to combat “slumlord” practices.

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